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I recently became obsessed with Create Room furniture and accessories and they have TRANSFORMED my creative space. The Dream Box had been on my wish list for several years as my lettering stash continued to grow and take over my home. In Spring, 2020, I participated in the Create Room challenge to try to get more inspired and really in tune not only with what I was creating and how I was creating, but also with where I was creating! I enjoyed the challenge so much and through my participation won a $500 gift card to put toward the large purchase of a Dream Box. I was so excited to finally take the leap. I am so glad I did!

I purchased the Dream Box and opted for the white ergo doors and 53 shelf/40 tote option. It was the perfect size and pick for me as all of my supplies now fit with room to grow!

As soon as I snagged my Dream Box, I knew I wanted to share the goodness with you, so I reached out to Create Room and became an affiliate! That being said... these opinions are my own about a purchase I made and am so happy about! All links below are affiliate links and do support me at no additional cost to you! And wait... I have a CODE!!!! 

Anytime: Use the code RENMADE to save $100 off of your Dream Box!!!! 

Now that I have all of those details out of the way... I know you are super pumped to hear more about the Dream Box! Below are an ever growing selection of resources and links to give you all the info you need to know about my workspace!

The Big Reveal

Everyone loves a good before and after... AM I RIGHT!? The workspace I had before the Dream Box came into my life was basically nonexistent and super cluttered.


The Dream Box transformed a full and cluttered room into a tidy studio with lots of room to grow!


Want to see the full transformation? Watch this video!

 Dream Box Review

I know... you want more details right? Well, don't you worry! I have a full review of the DreamBox right here!

And here is the Review Video too!

Want to see what all Create Room has to offer? Head on over to .

Check back for more DreamBox resources and information.