The Create Room DreamBox has completely transformed my creative workspace! It's been a couple months since I got and started using my DreamBox. What a huge transformation it was... in case you missed it... I have a whole page dedicated to my workspace and include a big DreamBox reveal here

Now I am here to answer all of your Frequently Asked Questions, so that you can get an idea of why I decided to invest in the DreamBox and what I love about it, along with the low down on all of the details! So grab your cup of coffee and get ready for a full DreamBox review!

Review Video

Start by watching this review video! I'll walk you through the features I chose, what I love about the DreamBox, and how I use it. 


Now for the other details!

How did you hear about the DreamBox? 

I have actually been following Create Room (formerly called The Original Scrapbox) for several years and have always dreamed of owning one of their amazing craft room pieces. When they released the DreamBox a while back I knew I had to have it, but wasn't ready to make the investment. In spring 2020, I participated in their Create Room Challenge, which was a very thought out  process of thinking about not only what we create and why, but most importantly where we create. At that point, it had been over 5 years of me collecting calligraphy, lettering, and craft supplies, which were taking over every drawer and free space in my home, while also not having a designated space to create. When I ended up winning a $500 gift card to Create Room through my participation, I knew it was the right time to take the leap. I ordered my Dream Box a couple days later and haven't looked back.

Although the gift card did help, the Dream Box is a rather large expense that I paid for, so please know two things: 1. This review is my true and honest account of my experience with the Dream Box as a paying customer, and I am not being paid to write this blog post. 2. I purchased the DreamBox, quickly fell in love with it, and wanted to share, so I reached out to the Create Room team and asked to be an affiliate. This also means that any time you purchase from my DreamBox links, I do get a small percentage at no additional cost to you. Like I mentioned earlier, I have a page on my website dedicated to my workspace and it has all the resources, details about sales and posts about the DreamBox in one place.

Do you have a Discount Code or do they ever run sales?

Double yes! As an affiliate, I the code RENMADE works to get you $100 off the DreamBox at any time. However, Create Room does run some amazing sales so always keep a look out! I will always share those on my site and on Instagram. 

How was your ordering experience and what was the delivery process like?

Once I won the gift card, I took a couple days to explore the different feature options and make my decision. Also keep in mind, this is in the middle of a complete shut down because of the Covid 19 pandemic. I had a couple questions and had several very helpful calls with customer service, who helped me order the DreamBox that was perfect for what I needed. I got several emails notifying me details of when my unit was shipping and would arrive and felt very prepared. The process was easy! The DreamBox is delivered in a huge crate, curbside by a freight truck. The freight company called to set up a delivery time a couple days before delivery and helped my husband get the crate to an easy location in our driveway so that we could start the assembly process.

Which features, add-ons, and accessories did you choose when ordering your DreamBox?

I kept it pretty simple when it came to my DreamBox and am glad I went the route I did when it comes to the features I chose. The amazing thing about Create Room, is they have created products that give the consumer the choice to customize to meet their needs... there are so many options.


I went with the white ergo doors, which are the same material as the rest of the DreamBox. While I'm obsessed with all of the other options, I knew that I would keep my unit open most of the time in my lettering studio so didn't need the front of the cabinet to be upgraded. However, if my cabinet were going to be in a different room in my home, I would have definitely sprung for the white shaker door option... I mean... SWOON! 

Shelves and Totes

I have SO MANY brush pens and supplies, but also had several items that needed a little more height and depth in a shelf, so I chose to go with less shelves and totes to allow some space to fit all of my supplies. The 53 shelves and 40 totes were PERFECT! All of my supplies fit with room to grow. I love the acrylic totes. Since they are clear they look so clean and make all of my supplies visible. I can always order more shelves and totes later, if I need to. The shelves were all adjustable so I was able to put them where I wanted them to go.

Add-Ons and Accessories

 There are many options to upgrade your DreamBox. I wanted mine to be very open so I chose not to get a lot of add-ons, like the crown or the drawers, so that I had more space for storage and more openness for light when filming lettering videos.

I did order a tool cubby accessory though, and I love it! The shelves are readjustable inside and I love how my smaller brush pens fit. I can easily organize them by color and see what colors I need to purchase more of. I plan to order another one soon to hold my waterbrushes and watercolor palettes.

What do you love about the DreamBox?

 I love so many things about the DreamBox, but most of all how versatile it is and how visible all of my supplies are.

This one unit can be so many things: a workspace where you can sit or stand (the table adjusts to standing height so easily), tidy and quick storage, and a piece of furniture that you can close everything up out of view.

I also love how the clear acrylic totes make all of my lettering supplies visible and easy to grab. I used to spend so much effort finding the supplies I needed and bought so many things I thought I needed but actually had tucked away in a box or bag somewhere. Now everything is in one place and I can just go in my studio, grab what I need, and get to creating. 

Was the DreamBox difficult to assemble?

There are several options when it comes to assembly. We chose to put it together ourselves since my husband is very experienced constructing furniture. He had no difficulty at all. The directions were easy to follow and he was able to put the cabinet together, with the help of our sweet little boys, in one evening. 

However, if you don't have a lot of experience putting together items of this size, they do have a prebuilt option where they put together most of the unit for an additional fee. I have several friends who have gotten their DreamBox prebuilt and they loved it! 

Do you plan to customize your DreamBox with any additional Add ons or accessories in the future?

Yes! I love how you can add on to your workspace at anytime. In addition to getting another Tool Cubby, I hope to add a DreamCart to maximize my storage and tables space. I may even go for the side tables, when I move to a bigger space. 

The DreamBox is a large investment. Is it worth it and would you recommend it?

The DreamBox has been a total game changer in my productivity and inspiration for creating. After ordering and using it for one day, I regretted not taking the plunge sooner. I agree that it is a huge investment at a starting price of over $2000 before add-ons, but the quality and functionality make it every bit worth it! They also have sales, discount codes, and financing that can break the investment into affordable monthly payments. So if you are nervous to make the investment, there are many options to make it a little easier. 

I wholeheartedly, 100% recommend the DreamBox to anyone who feels like they need a better workspace and organizational system for their supplies. 

For more details head on over to Create Room!

Happy Creating!



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