Hey y'all! I'm Lauren Fitzmaurice, a left handed calligrapher and hand lettering artist from Owensboro, Kentucky. I am a full time elementary teacher in real life and when I'm not busy being a mommy to my sweet boys or annoying my husband (haha) I can be found in my lettering studio with a brush pen in hand!

My passion for lettering began 5 years ago right after my youngest son recovered from open heart surgery. My mom bought me an online calligraphy class so that I could learn a hobby and have something to do for myself to help with healing and recovering from a difficult and stressful year. One month in, I was terrible, but I was hooked on calligraphy! My very first job was an envelope order for a sweet sorority sister of mine and I immediately fell in love with event calligraphy. % years later, I have taught over 300 people how to letter in my in-person workshops, have worked with big brands (Tombow brush pens have my heart... oh, and ya gotta love Dunkin'), have traveled some really fun places, filmed an online class with Brit + Co and am just scratching the surface of what I want this little side gig to be. So... THANK YOU for being here and supporting me.

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