Hooray, lovelies! Renmadecalligraphy.com is back with a new look, but the same purpose: to lift and inspire others with letters! 

 My hope is that this little space can grow into a place to go to for a mix of lettering resources and lifestyle inspiration with fun information, products, and ideas just for you! 

What will you find here, you ask? 
Well... this site will continue to grow but here are things you will always be able to find:



The shop will be home to current workshop seats and available products, which will vary from time to time and season to season. Check out what is currently in the shop!



Calligraphy Services:

Handlettering and calligraphy can add a unique and personal touch to any event or space! I LOVE lettering envelopes, creating party invitations, and dreaming up cool new project ideas with you! Click on over to see what kinds of services are offered.



Learn Lettering:

 I am often asked questions like:  Where can I find that pen? How can I learn calligraphy? How do you keep all of your lettering supplies organized? This page on the site is a running list of direct links to all of my favorite lettering supplies and resources! I only share products and brands that I love. Many of the links are affiliate links so I do receive a commission for each purchase at no additional cost to you... I’ve also partnered with some awesome brands and you can find some amazing exclusive discount codes just for you. Have a look at my lettering favorites!




I am excited to share how to bring lettering to life through fun projects, tutorials, and informative posts while highlighting my favorite products, or as I call them, #renmadefaves. So whether you are a letter lover and just love the art of calligraphy or you want to learn calligraphy, the blog will be a fun and inspiring place!


Click on over to About to learn the story behind Renmade Calligraphy.

I’m so glad you are here and look forward to sharing my love of lettering with you! Please comment with any ideas, questions, or needs that you have related to lettering! More inspiration coming soon! 

In Life & Letters,





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